2012 - 2014

M.Sc. in Games Technologyfrom IT University of Copenhagen

A program focusing on the technical aspects of game development including topics such as game engines, AI and procedural generation. This program also allowed me to work with game designers to create two fully fledged games. These and other major projects can be found here.

I also completed a number of smaller projects such as implementing various types of AI in Java, implementing various data mining techniques in Java and implementing an erosion algorithm in C++, which erodes a heightmap while taking into account varying layers of rocks.

Master's thesis title: Procedural Generation of 3D Caves on the GPU

2008 - 2012

B.Sc. in Computer Sciencefrom University of Copenhagen - DIKU

A traditional computer science program focusing on standard topics such as algorithms, operating systems, compilers and computer architecture. Relevant projects can be found here.

Other relevant coursework includes a peer to peer client implemented in python using sockets, a simple operating system written in C and a compiler for a subset of Cat written in standard ML.

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